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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RED BOOK Study Group

Several members of the Seattle-based Jungian Psychotherapists Association meet once per month to study C. G. Jung's recently-published personal journal: The Red Book/Liber Novus. During our first meeting, we read and discussed the introductory comments, which offer a splendid overview and context for reading the journal. During our most recent meeting, we began reading Jung's inspirational words. Because the English translation refers to but does not include Jung's illustrations, we flipped back and forth between the English and German versions in order to include Jung's accompanying illustrations in our discussion. Jung began this journal in 1913, his 40th year; the entries describe Jung's reorientation from external success to his compelling inner life; Jung specifically compared his perspective of  input from "the spirit of the times" and "the spirit of the depths," also contrasting explaining with understanding. Based on several dreams and visions, Jung continued to explore his internal dialogue. Likening his soul to a divine inner child, Jung described basic meaning as "leading a full life."

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