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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dr. Sandra Meggert's "Ode to Jung's Theory" (An incomplete Ode!)

To understand Jung’s theory takes thinking
With terminology it is incredibly infused.
When reading I find myself sinking,
Into my Psyche, totally confused

There’s the unconscious, both personal and collective
The Self, the Psyche and the Ego
About each we must be reflective
When through therapy (or graduate school) we go.

If the Psyche is fairly broken,
And the Analysand has pain.
Through the unconscious we must be pokin’
In order to create any gain.

Analyzing our Self is a must,
Therapy relationships are full of propriety.
As we bare our soul, with trust,
Our goal is to release anxiety.

Each of us has a shadow side.
One we don’t want to own.
It’s the part we wish to hide,
We think it sets a negative tone.

Our anima influences relating
Or is it our animus?
Whatever—possible confusion it’s creating
And often times makes us delirious

Archetypes define many roles
But not overtly it seems
When we seek to refine our souls
We have to attend to our dreams.

Individuation is our primary goal.
This is our lifelong ambition. .
So we strive to understand our role
Not even sure of the definition.

Critics abound and are picky.
As they defend their theory rejection.
Analyzing them isn’t too tricky,
Just say, “It’s a Jungian projection.”

Dr. Meggert, visiting faculty member in the Mental Health Counseling Specialization at Antioch University Seattle, wrote this poem when she audited the PSYC 632 Advanced Theories: Jungian course. Permission granted from poet to publish this poem on this blog.

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